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District 204 calls for end of Tuesday voting in some elections

Board member Cathy Piehl, who is spearheading the effort, said moving the April election day to a weekend would prevent the biennial decision whether the district will establish a non-attendance day for students or spend money to hire extra security.

Two years ago, lawmakers approved legislation encouraging schools to close or hold an institute day to ensure the safety of students.

Piehl said setting a teacher in-service day or canceling classes is not always possible when juggling the school calendar challenges, such as scheduling spring break and days for mandated assessment testing.

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Troy Township Democratic Party Fundraiser

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Naperville mayoral candidates answer questions on issues facing the city

Ahead of the April 2 Naperville mayoral election, the Naperville Sun asked each of the two candidates — Rocky Caylor and incumbent Steve Chirico — to answer questions about his background, why he should be elected mayor, what he finds the biggest issues facing the city and where he stands on issues like Fifth Avenue development and Ribfest.

The following includes the candidates’ questionnaire responses. Any items left blank are questions the candidate opted not to answer.

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